Monday deal

I am trying to pay for cyber monday deal with gougle pay and it bills me eur107.88 - without extra 10% discount! why is that? can you fix it?

I checked your account and at the moment there is only one charge on it, a monthly charge (12.99EUR) from November 4th. Are you sure that you got charged for the annual plan? Or do you have any other account maybe?

yes i have one monthly charge. but today i am trying to pay for annual deal of 97 euro (cyber monday deal). when i selecy google pay it shows me i am to be charged eur 107, so i do not go through with payment, because i dont want to pay euro 107, that is why i contected you

I also tryed to pay by card directly without Google pay and it did not work also: got the following message. “An error has occurred while processing your request. Depending on the type of error, it may be automatically logged and reviewed by our team so please retry your request in a few minutes. If you are still getting this error message after a few minutes, please email us at

I still don’t see any annual payment on your account. Can you try to purchase annual deal through website version instead?