Modifying word entries

Hi all,
I’m absolutely new to Lingq, I’ve just become a premium member in order to try all the features without limitations. I’m currently working through an italian podcast and whenever I click on a word that is preceeded by a shortened word (articles etc.) with apostrophe (“un’irrefrenabile” for instance) the whole expression with article is chosen and eventually saved to my vocabulary. I haven’t found any possibility to change that entry so far, neither on the website nor in the iOs app, which is quite annoying as I don’t want to be forced to learn all these expressions beginning with a vowel together with the preceeding word. Please tell me that there is a possibility to modifiy the words I’d like to learn, isn’t that an absolutely BASIC feature for language learning purposes?
Thanks for your help!

Yes, words with apostrophe are considered as one word and you can select a part of it to save it as LingQ.
What you can do in cases like that is to use Import Vocabulary feature to manually add word in a form you prefer.

The way I handle this (I’m also learning Italian) is by doing the following. If I come across a word with an apostrophe:

  1. If I know the word, I press “X” on my keyboard to ignore it and exclude it from my statistics
  2. If I don’t know the word, I create a ling out if it, but when I eventually learn the word, I then press “X” to ignore it so it isn’t counted in my stats since the presence of the apostrophe doesn’t make it a unique word, in my opinion