Modify the timestamp of LingQ Mini Stories (Japanese)

I can edit lesson shared by other users but not the LingQ mini stories. The audio doesn’t match the text so I want to help update the timestamp. Is this possible? If not, can I duplicate the course into my own collection?

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Please contact me on support(at), let me know which stories you’d like to edit and I will allow editing on them. Thanks!

+1 I’m not sure why the audio timings are messed up on LingQ’s flagship mini-stories course. From my brief testing, it looks like all audio timings are wrong except for story 1, which makes everything seem perfect in the free demo.

I think for most languages, the automatic audio timings feature works pretty well, but it does not work at all for Japanese. I wish it was possible in settings to override the mismatching audio with text-to-speech. I like importing my own lessons from Youtube, Animelon, Viki etc. because the audio from the subtitles is automatically synced perfectly.

Finally, I also wish it was possible to duplicate public courses for private use so I can manually edit word splits for Japanese. Even in the official mini-stories, some of the word splitting is completely off and requires manual editing.

I’ve sent the email!

Either LingQ Japanese learners or LingQ stuff should collaborate on fixing the timestamp issue of these “official” coursers.