Modern history in Russian or Spanish with audio


I’m just wondering if anybody knows any good places I can find articles about modern history, particularly 1945+ in Russian or Spanish about Russia or Spain and Latin America, which also have audio. Most of the interesting stuff I find doesn’t have audio, but there must be stuff out there somewhere!

Evgeny has lots of great stuff in Russian which I am super grateful for, but I’m looking for something a little bit longer in length at this point.

Thanks! (and thank you again Evgeny for all you have contributed in russian. ps. I love your little laugh).

I like the Exlinguo lectures. Nice length (50min), very comprehensible input on various topics.
For example:
Addresses in St Petersburg / Russian movie male characters
Russian underground music / History of Russian circus

But also still searching for more like these…

Thanks for these.

I either find great articles without audio, or podcasts which dont have text and are too advanced for me to not have the transcript!

точно :wink:
Maybe you will also like these:
• Russian from Russia - with stories about her childhood as a young pioneer

• Comprehensible Russian - small history lessons which you will understand without transcripts

Russian from Russia is great: very comprehensible, fully subtitled, with lots of detail about both the subject topics and language points. The only possible difficulty is that subtiles are hard-coded in the video. It seems that it is now possible to download them from Anna’s Patreon account. I think this is probably a worthwhile investment.
Besides the YT channel, she also has a blog and a Telegram channel with short videos and exercises.

To my mind, “Russian from Russia” and “Russian with Max” are the best content providers for intermediate learners of Russian.

An awesome YT channel about Mexican history is “Somos Nómadas TV”:

Unfortunately, it doesn’t offer transcriptions but the host speaks very clearly and the automatic transcriptions to be pretty accurate.

I was checking the channel and found out that it links to this one, which seems to offer content about history and does provide proper subtitles:

Note: The host is from Austria and does have a foreign accent but she speaks pretty well.

Thanks for all the recommendations so far.