Modern Greek resources

Hello everyone, I wanted to make a new thread listing online resources for Modern Greek. I see we have the start of our first two Greek courses here on LingQ!

A Day in the Greek


Με το Νικο - With Nikos

If you have other resources to share for Modern Greek, please post them here!


This is a list of resources sent to me from the Hellenic American Union:

Greek on the Go: an iPhone application for beginner Modern Greek-language learners who wish to practice survival vocabulary used in everyday conversation. It comprises videos of dialogues in a variety of contexts, as well as multimedia. For more information please visit:

Talk to the Experts: a service which gives the opportunity to connect and speak live with a native speaking tutor in order to further enhance speaking skills by engaging in real life language use. (

Talk to the Exam Expert: a service which gives the opportunity to candidates to connect and speak live with a highly qualified teacher and practice for the oral examination of the Greek Exam. (

Learning Greek podcasts: 80 free sessions in the form of podcasts that can be downloaded to iPod or any other mp3 player, free of charge. The podcasts can be used as a supplement to language learning for someone who already knows some Greek. Below is the link to the page where you will find instructions/transcripts:

Learning Greek Videos: a series of free lessons that use video to help students to learn Greek as a foreign language. This is not a complete program for the learning of Greek language. For more, please visit:

Second Life: educational activities in the 3D virtual environment of Second Life on Hellenic American Union island. ( )

Hellas Alive: Hellenic American Union in collaboration with the Academy of Electronic Media at the Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, has developed Hellas Alive©, an online language and culture learning platform for teaching Greek as a Foreign Language. For more, please visit:


HI… Nice… But I see no lessons… !

is it not possible to import the 80 podcasts?

It is certainly possible, but I’m not going to type them into lingq by hand. If I can get access to the non-password protected documents, however, I can import them by copying-and-pasting the text.

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They’re there, you just have to figure out how to get the system to show them to you. Ah the joys of the lingq interface…

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Sorry for the trouble here! I’m not sure what is causing this, but we’ll look at getting this resolved very soon…

I have accesss to all of them… Because I already unblocked them to use in other sites… Can I do it?

I did it! Lessons unblocked… I think!

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Have you asked for permission to share them on LingQ? The site is copyrighted in Europe you need always the permission of the creator if you want to share it. I couldn’t find a CC-note on the page. If you ask kindly for permission and explain what LingQ is about, they’ll probably give it. You should explain that the content on LingQ is free even when there are features that are not free.

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Yes, please be my guest! Can you upload the audio as well?

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Yes, we have permission Veral.

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That’s great. Good luck with Greek :slight_smile:

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Yes… I can do that! All right!

Thanks, Vera… I did it for bibles from worproject as well… I tryed to negociate with others sites… but still struggling… haehaehha

Hi georgos, I know how difficult it is to get permission, but luckily I was able to get it from some providers. Be patient. Good luck…

it’s done!

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For more advanced students, here is a Greek audio book with text that can be imported into LingQ.



Eventually I’ll get around to uploading it here, but my Greek isn’t really good enough to make use of the book, so it might take a while. If someone else wants to import it, please be my guest!


εὕρηκα !

Greek movies with English subtitles!

hey… that would be nice… is it already uploaded?