Moderate alcohol consumption improves foreign language skills

But, I think this needs some more testing. For science.

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Well, they didn’t conclude that moderate alcohol consumption improves foreign language skills at all :slight_smile: but rather that a low amount of alcohol may have beneficial effects on pronunciation. Alcohol consumption had no effects whatsoever on grammar or vocabulary or the ability to argue a point.

I’m certain that being (how shall we say?) slightly less than ‘rat a___d’ can help in an environment where oral skills are being assessed. It just loosens people up, makes 'em talk, makes 'em show what they can do - a kind of ‘dutch courage’, if you will. (And not only good for Dutch!)

But as for helping people actually learn in he first place…hmm…I’m skeptical.

I guess there’s only one thing for it - put it to the test :slight_smile: I suggest that, before learning sessions, we all try doing a few shots of some seriously funky stuff, and see whether it improves things in any objective or measurable way.

(Strictly for science, you understand.)

It helps with speaking, trust me :slight_smile:

I completely agree. I think a lot of mistakes when trying to speak another language comes down to lack of confidence. When I’ve had a few ,I 'm definitely better because I don’t care if I’m making sense or not (and it turns out I am!). But I suppose it doesn’t help if every time I speak french I’m drunk. I’ll just be ‘that drunken English woman’ to any french speaker I try to talk to.

but LEARNING language drunk, not sure. Maybe you would be more relaxed with the pronunciation :o/ but overall I think alcohol can never make you MORE skilled at anything.

I believe that coffee improves foreign language skills.

Speaking and listening. Usually when I am speaking in my foreign language while drinking coffee i have a 100% boost.

Vocabulary starts coming out of no where and I catch more words being spoken

Suggest you give it a try. :stuck_out_tongue:

As far as alcohol. I think it does have a little benefit in a certain situation. NOT WHILE STUDYING, but while using the language.

For example, in the past I was sitting in a big group of people and was a little nervous to speak, the reason being I was speaking in my foreign language and a little afraid I was going to make mistakes in pronunciation,Etc, Etc.

After consuming a little it helped me relax and feel more comfortable. Therefore helped me be more confident in my language.

I believe while studying your language it has not a single bit of benefit but while sitting down speaking the foreign language I do believe it loosens you up and helps you be a little more confident in your language.

BUT I prefer drinking COFFEE and think its the better choice. :slight_smile: Making your mind sharp.

“…BUT I prefer drinking COFFEE…”

Mind you, it isn’t always a case of ‘either-or’. Just last night I had a strong black with a generous shot of Jim Beam Double Oak as a nightcap. Pas mal du tout. :slight_smile:

I don’t believe this. I believe it makes you less inhibited in using what you already know.

Seasoned LingQers have known this for years. A case study by our venerable founder can be here:

“How To Learn a New Language - an Advice For Beginners”

The whole video is good, but start watching at 3:40.