Mobile/iOS Vocabulary Review: Why limited to one page?

Hi there,

liking lingq so far, but somehow not seeing the purpose of the following:

I so far have a total of 2305 French lingqs. If I’m reviewing these lingqs on my mobile app (iOs), the review feature splits them across 47 pages, so 50 lingqs per page.

It does not seem to be possible to review ALL lingqs at the same time. Once I’m reviewing, I’ll stick forever on the first of 47 pages, and will revise the same 50 lingqs over and over again. I would need to switch manually to the next page, if I want to review more than the latest 50 lingqs.

Due to this the mobile review is not really usable for me. On, the review feature does not seem to be limited to the first page though. Any reason for this? Any workaround?

Hi there, There’s a simple workaround for this.

Change the Vocabulary view from All to SRS Due. This will show the LingQs that are due for review according to the SRS. When you’ve reviewed the LingQs, they will move down the list. So new words will show at the top.

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Great, thanks a lot! That works great!