Mobile Version Translations Gone in LingQ 5

Are there any plans to reinstate the translated text (in my case Russian to English) in the mobile version of LingQ 5 (the Desktop version has even improved, with the translation now being below the Russian text)?

In v.4 I could read the English text before starting my morning exercises, then listen to the dialogue on repeat via earphones while doing my exercises, finishing off by listening to the dialogue while following the Russian text.

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The Full Translation option is no longer available. We might look into adding it back in the upcoming updates, but at the moment I can’t say for sure if that will happen and when.

Please do!


Please do! Why would you remove the translated text from an app that’s supposed to teach a language, it makes absolutely no sense to me, especially for beginners, how is one supposed to know what one is listening to!

Removing the translation has basically rendered the Android version useless, I now have to spend more time in front of my PC, checking the translation in the Desktop version. I already spend too much time there during a working day.

I was seriously considering signing up for a Premium subscription, but I no longer see the point.

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That option is really really useful. I have not been able to do any studying because I have to sit and check the translation of every single phrase because now the option is not available on the desk version either.

Please bring it back . It so frustrating not to be able to know what the story is about before doing the listening that I have stopped using the app completely :(.


You’re 100% correct, it makes no sense removing the translation from a language-learning app!

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That’s right, Javier, having the full text translation (and I would argue the full text) so easily available as previously, is vital when studying the mini stories.

The mind boggles why it was removed. Unless it has been moved to the Premium version, but that doesn’t seem to be the case either.

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I would also love the full text translation feature back as well. I use bi-directional translation method to test myself on whether I solidly know the target language words and sentence structure from my native tongue. Much like the active phase of Assimil. Thank you.

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Absolutely, with lessons such as the mini stories, in a completely new language, this is really the only good way to have a clue what you’re trying to make sense of!

Having spent some time with LingQ 5 for android, it seems sentence translation is available, but now it’s a paid extra, i.e. Premium version. Fair enough, it’s a business, but at least give Beginner 1’s a chance to find their feet, then offer a paid version for higher levels.