Mobile LingQ Creation

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I love LingQ, and I, for whatever reason, I like to put as many as 9-10 “LingQ Definitions” on a word when I find that it has more than one meaning or use in a language.

When on desktop, you’re able to just press the enter key to add as many definitions as you want.
I find that on mobile, when I put 1 definition on a word, the menu goes away in an instant. So if I want to put 2-3 definitions, I am forced to go through the process of clicking the word, clicking the plus button, then choosing a definition to add.

My Questions:

Is it possible to add more than one definition at a time on LingQ’s mobile app?
If not, in the future would LingQ be able to make a setting where I am able to toggle whether or not I want the menu to disappear after adding one definition?

and 2)
Am I overthinking this? Is one definition enough even when there are clear cases given in the definitions that show that it has more than one meaning?

I know that Steve is all about efficiency when it comes to language learning, and as far as I am able to tell, this is either an inconvenience, or I am being too nitpicky about the way I am learning.

It really has prevented me from using the mobile app, and that is why I keep losing my streak. I don’t always make time to use LingQ on desktop, but I love the convenience of my phone and I know my streak would be here if I were able to use the mobile app the way I use the desktop app.

On the mobile app, I want my LingQ creations to allow me to put more than 1 definition at a time, without needing to reopen the menu. Is this possible in the current state of LingQ?


Thanks for your feedback and suggestion. I’ll forward this to our development team and we will see what we can do to make improvements.

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