Mobile Features/Suggestions

I absolutely love LingQ but here are some features I’d like to see on the mobile version:

  • A dark mode/night mode. Sometimes it’s just too bright when trying to read late at night.
  • Not really a feature, but the tagging has been buggy for me on mobile. Sometimes I try to remove a tag, but when I refresh it doesn’t change.
  • I’d like an option for a LingQ not to auto-create tags(mobile).

Also lingQ of the day. And if it was possible to create automated tests or different ways of word repetitions.


Are you using Android app version? If so, basically all features you asked for are already available.

  1. Dark Mode - You can enable the Dark Mode under the settings (three dots on the bottom right).
  2. Under the Settings > Lesson Settings you can disable “Auto grammar tagging” option.
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No I’m using an iPhone :cry::sob:

I’m sure they can add those features easily then. But I don’t know much about making apps.

Yeah that would be interesting. More ways to study your vocab.

Those features aren’t yet available on iOS app. But we will add them this spring, after we release our major LingQ 5.0 update which we are working on.

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Alright sounds great! Thank you :slight_smile: