Mobile app only syncs first 50 in playlist

I’ve noticed this with my mobile app for a while and it hasn’t really bothered me, but I realized I never actually posted about it. On the web app version of LingQ, in my active playlist there are 158 different lessons saved, however, if I check my app, it only has the first 50 of those saved and synced, and any others aren’t located anywhere. Is there an upper limit to the mobile playlists or is this some issue with the software? I’m using the android beta v5.23, and my current device is a Samsung Galaxy s8

Thanks for reporting a problem. In a few days we will release a web update too, and once it’s out, your Playlist will be synchronized.

I would unfortunately like to report that this is still an issue, so I don’t fully know if it’s been fixed. I do think that the playlist is syncing correctly, because the first 50 are all correct, and this is only an issue with the active playlist. I think it’s only putting in the first 50, and everything after that is not being added to the playlist on the app. Of course though I’m not a web developer or anything so I have no legitimate idea of what the actual issue is.

Once when both web and android v5 are released, your Playlists will be synched properly. We will release web update in few days.

Unfortunately this is still an issue I’m experiencing despite the updates. I did a test of removing some lessons within my playlist, and it looks like it is syncing fine, so that’s not the issue. On the mobile app though, it only is displaying the first 50 within the active playlist, and nothing else. This carries over to listening as well, where it only plays those first 50. Hopefully that helps.

Hi - I am having this issue too … it’s frustrating. I created a playlist via the web, which has 70+ lessons on. The whole purpose of creating the playlist was so that I could listen to it via my app, when I am out and about. However, it has only synced the first 50 or so.

Is there any update on when this might be fixed? I am on Android in case that helps.

Android app is currently limited to 50 tracks in the Playlist, but we will increase that in the upcoming updates, so all the tracks will be fully synchronized between web and app.

Thanks for letting me know. Is there a timeline for when the update might happen?

It should be soon, in the upcoming updates. A few days max.

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