Mix up meaning

:writing_hand: Mix up

:writing_hand:Meaning : :small_red_triangle_down:
To stir or shake, veil; to bewilder…
a confusion of one thing with another, or a misunderstanding or mistake that results in confusion.
:eight_spoked_asterisk: The teacher’s poor explanation really mixed students up.

:eight_spoked_asterisk: You should mix up the ingredients well before you put them in the pan.

Yes, that is grammatically correct, although a little awkward.


I really think you could make better use of your time, and a lot better use of Twitter as a language tool, than posting awkwardly worded sentences on the LingQ Open Forum that were tweeted by someone who, though well-intentioned, is obviously not a native speaker of the language.



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Yeah dear you are absolutely right. … but twitter is filtered in my place

Why award? ??

Oh, sorry to hear that. Well, I think you could do better. Nobody is really interested in posts like this. Keep up with your chatgroup(s) and try posting original material (material that you have written) on the Open Forum in English and/or in the Writing Exchange. Write out some of your thoughts on any topic that interests you — like how the brain functions — and don’t worry about mistakes. Mistakes are things that we learn by. This is a language community and people are usually glad to help if you make an effort. Take advantage of the human resources here. Don’t be shy!

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I understood your meant
I will Try to post my own examples, words, Thoughts and writings
Yes surely you will see my efforts