Mix of audio and reading

One important part of my language challenge is listening as much as possible, radio, tv but also audiobooks.
Now I want to start to do some experiment by listening an audiobook in my target language and - simultaneously - reading the text in my mother tongue.
To be honestly, I haven’t any idea what will happen.
Has anybody made some experience by doing such listening and reading in different languages at the same time?

I sometimes watch documentaries and listen to the original in English while reading the captions in my native language.

I tried with movies and documentaries, like mfr said.
I didn’t like the results, because it seems that you get a little bit distracted with the comfort of reading your native language and don’t get full attention for the audio you’re listening to.

Watching videos with no subtitles at all make me feel like I’m getting 100% of my attention for the audio.

For listening, I don’t fully like to read together. I prefer to read first, get the meaning of most of the words I didn’t know and then go to listen without the text. When I come across the new words from the reading, it feels that helps a lot to make the new words stick, because I usually remember the meaning from when I was reading the text.

And finally, for me it seems even more effective to read and listen to different texts and audio, but within the same specific subject, because it makes me recognize the new words from different sources and that’s help me to remember them more easily later.

Finished this experiment, I was not quiet content about the procedure.
You’re right, a perfect way to concentrate on a foreign language is to watch movies or docus, with or without subtitles. I think this is personally different. Pictures have always a very strong attraction.
As I try to finish my audiobook until the end of month I changed my mind and my new strategy now is to listen to each CD until I have got a good idea of the content and then - if necessary - to switch on to the corresponding written text in my mother tongue, doing some kind of speed reading, only to get an overwiev and to be sure to have understood quiet well. And so on.
At the first view perhaps it seems to be a bit boring to listen again and again, but I think it can be quiet interesting which new details and informations you will recognize with each turn of listening.
Today is start of CD2/12.

“…but I think it can be quiet interesting which new details and information you will recognize with each turn of listening.”

This is what I feel that’s amazing, when you start recognizing new words in audio that you’ve listened before but you never really noticed that word until that point. Feels almost like some kind of weird magical awakening :smiley: