It’s much harder to learn French with LingQ than it was in English for me.
There are a lot of mistakes in the texts and words. I can’t correct them because we don’t have an edit function anymore.
Often there are a lot of words put together that you can’t even see how they should be correct.
Here are some examples out of one lesson!

petit à petitl,'imaged’elle- même
voulons pasqu’ilsdeviennent
industrie,j’aieul’occasion de travail

With such errors, it isn’t possible create a LingQ!

Editing the vocabulary would help. But the main mistake is the representation in the texts.


In what lessons did you see the errrors you mention? And are this kind of errors frequent in other lessons as well?

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Hi Irene,

I run across this sometimes in the older French lessons as well. If you email support and provide a link to the lesson, Zoran will fix it for you promptly. He has fixed quite a few French lessons for me so far. See related thread: https://www.lingq.com/en/learn/fr/web/community/forum/support-feedback-forum/unclickable-words-in-french

(P.S. Thank you for all the content you have provided for German learners. It’s much appreciated.)

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Hi Irene,
In some cases some French lessons needs to be re-split in order to work properly. Most of lessons are already fixed, but some were left behind.
Feel free to email me link to any French lesson with that issue you encounter on support(at)lingq.com and I will make sure it’s fixed right away.


why dont you get online tutor for learning French ?

They are in many many lessons. I did not note them yet, but I will do it now.

Thanks for the tip and thanks for the praise, too :slight_smile:

Thanks, Zoran. you’re always very helpful. I will do it.

I will do it soon, but U want to be able to speak and know a little more. But even a tutor cannot solve the problem I described above! It concerns learning with vocabulary and LingQs.

you can join any institution which can be helpful for you so I am here to improve my English skills and communications