Mistakes in Norwegian mini stories

I think this sentence is wrong (double negative) and the audio of the lesson seems to agree…?

“Men ikke alle kundene er like ikke hyggelige”

Should rather be;

“Men ikke alle kundene er like hyggelige”

The preceding sentence is: “Noen av kundene er veldig hyggelige” so this would make more sense.

***Edit: This mistake is repeated throughout the lesson…

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Thanks, we will have it fixed.


We fixed this typo in the text.


@zoran In mini story 20 the word “treg” throughout the lesson, in this context, should be plural, so “trege”. The audio is also incorrect, is it ai?

There have been a bunch if minor errors so far that I have noticed in these mini stories, but I ended up just ignoring them… and probably more that I missed as I am only just learning…

Maybe you could get someone who is fluent in Norwegian to go through all the lessons at some point?

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Mini story 23

“Han skal studere til eksamenene sine etter festen” doesn’t match the audio… the audio says “Han skal studere til eksamen etter festen”

" Ville Louie dra på festen til venne sin" should be “vennen sin”.

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Thanks, we will have it fixed. @nsprung