Missing the Old LingQ

Hi All,

I am returning to LingQ after being away from it (and my language learning) since the Spring (thanks to being so succcessful) A lot of changes and that I’m still trying to work through on the platform.

Two big things I’m getting frustrated with and I’m hoping someone can help with a fix, whether it be a setting change or whatever:

  1. Is there is any way to move through the text of a lesson without doing the the “page turning” as the only option? There has to be a way to scroll that I’m just missing. The only way I can find to put more words on a single page (used to 2,000-4,000 words) is a double page/two page at a time view.

  2. When I open or import a new lesson on my computer, I would typically start using the arrows keys to navigate through all the blue words to quickly either ignore or lingq them by pressing “x” or “enter/return,” respectively. Then at the end of the lesson, I could click “move all blue words to known” (or something like that). This saved a ton of time, especially as I got better at the language, rather than having to manually handle each word.

Instead, if you now use the arrow keys, it moves to the next word, regardless of it’s status…blue, lingq, former lingq at step 4, etc.

I am a major champion at LingQ and it has made me very successful in my language learning, being the single greatest intrument in getting me over the hump and taking me “all the way to fluency.” I am not saying it couldn’t have been done without LingQ, but I personally know I wouldn’t have.

All that being said, I am finding the newest version of LingQ to be very busy,clunky, and not as inutitive as my “Classic Version” which I always had the option to switch back into and that’s where I spent most of my time learning. Other recent versions before the present one were acceptable too.

I’m all for adding new features, but there always seems to be far too much tinkering here. The idle mind is the devil’s workshop.