Missing sound file on YT import

I have imported this YT file [Learn Useful French: Mon travail quotidien - My Everyday Work - YouTube]. It seemed fine when I read it in LingQ, and indicated a related audio file of 9:27 minutes when I added it to Playlists. But when I try to play it, it skips it and jumps to another file in the Playlist. When I go back to the imported document I don’t see that an audio file marker has been included in the lower left-hand corner, next to the video file marker. So the YT file has French subtitles and audio, and LingQ knows how long the audio is, but there is no audio file. I even re-imported the YT, but it did not resolve the problem. What can I do to fix this? Thnx.

When you import a YT video, the audio is no longer imported with the subtitles as it was breaching YT guidelines.

You need to add the audio separately to your lesson.

And how would I do this? Where is this audio file?

You need to use a YT to mp3 converter to extract the audio and then add your file to your lesson.

Yes, due to breaking YouTube rules, we had to stop importing audio. From now on for YT imports you will get a video and subtitles only.
You can import audio manually.