Missing Setting for Turning ON/OFF Underline Text in WebApp

The new feature for underlining text while listening has been updated on the webapp now, but it misses the option to turn it off in the settings.

Some people like it, some people don’t, but it doesn’t matter. On iOS there is the setting to turn it off, and I believe it’s been probably forgotten on the webapp. Could you add it soon, please?

A part from the people that find it distracting, or adding more fatigue to the eyes, as you can see from the screenshot below, it messes up also with the level 4 words, which become very difficult to distinguish.

Below the settings on iOS that are missing in the webapp.

Thank you.

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What’s the point to have this underline on sentence by sentence as well?

I agree, I would like to be able to turn off this feature. I find it annoying when doing extensive reading.

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It’s work in progress and the option to turn it off will be added to web/android too.


@zoran great! I hope the option will be added asap. It should have been added before abilitating this feature!
For me it is very difficult to read on the webapp like this.

At the moment, this feature is also acting erratic. Besides the fact of adding the option to turn it off, you should also check these things we have seen so far:

  • sentence by sentence mode shouldn’t have any underlining,
  • the audio underlining is covering level 4 underline
  • when you hit the spacebar the underlining goes away, which doesn’t make sense, and it doesn’t always return straight away when you continue the audio
  • the line is very thick
  • sometimes the underline appears, sometimes it doesn’t.

I think in the general settings you can turn it off, look at my screenshot, maybe it is this option.

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@Norvick yes, they have just added it. :+1: