Missing parts of Les Misérables?

I can´t find part 16 of Les Misérables in French, despite the first 15 parts being there. Some other parts seem to be missing as well. The search in LingQ is weird in regards to numbers sometimes though, so when you search something like “Les Misérables 3” part 3 is not necessarily always what comes up first. Does anyone know whether the missing parts are there somewhere or whether anyone is going to add them?

Is this what you’re looking for?

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It is indeed. It did not show up in my search for whatever reason and still doesn´t, even after I opened it and search for “16. Les Misérables”. I hope the problems with the search will end with LingQ 5.0.

Part 17 isn´t showing up either, so could you throw me that link too?

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Sure , no problem. I searched Les Misérables without a number attached and found both in the first few rows.

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Thank you. I have no idea why the search function is so weird when I use it. As a programmer, I really wonder if it´s a search in an SQL database, how the query is written.

I still seem unable to find part 18 or 19, which is really strange to me, but they just don´t show up, whether I just search for “Les Miserables”, “Les Misérables” or search with the numbers.

That’s odd. I type the exact same thing and I find 18 and 19 on the second page.

18: Login - LingQ

19: Login - LingQ

Something I notice about the lessons you were looking for: They were all marked as “Intermediate 2” while most of the others are “Advanced 2”. I’m not sure if that’s relevant.

Ah, you are right and it´s me who´s being an idiot here. I´ve got the search set to Advanced 1 & 2 only. Now I don´t think I´ll have any more problems finding them. These courses should not be Intermediate 2 though, since they are definitely in advanced language.

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