Missing parts in course imported from .epub file


I imported a Spanish ebook from an .epub file. Everything seemed to work fine during the import. However, from time to time I notice that there are parts missing from the imported text.

I have already created more than 500 flashcards for the course. I am wondering if I delete the course (so that I reimport it), will the flashcards created for the course be lost/deleted?

Which format is the most recommended to import from? .pdf or .docx or something else?

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I have a slight suspicion that the problem might be caused by characters in italics. It seems to me that each missing paragraph had at least one word in italics.

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Cab we elevate this issue? I get the same problem with French Epubs. Have to change them to doc and remove all formatting otherwise random paragraphs will be missing.

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It does sound like an issue with characters in the files themselves. If you forward the files to us at support at lingq dot com, and also let us know some text that isn’t being displayed, we should be able to figure out what is causing the issues.

Hi, I have sent the .epub file and some missing parts to the support email address.

I am wondering if I delete the course (so that I can reimport it) will the flashcards created for this course be lost?


Thanks. No, deleting lessons does not affect your saved LingQs. The LingQs will continue to be found in the Vocabulary section and will still be yellow in all future texts in which they appear.

Than you for your confirmation!
regards, Anna