Missing part of text on import

Hello. I have an Android device. I loaded articles from newspapers and used the share using app selection to share with Lingq and import, but noticed when reading later that the import missed a few paragraphs of text from the middle of the article.

Why does this happen? The article is freely available on YLE and not behind a paywall. Another article that was behind a paywall for Helsingin Sanomat didn’t import fully either, but I assume somehow Lingq doesn’t get the benefit of me being signed into the article in my browser?

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Can you please post a link to one of articles you imported and noticed that problem? I’ll look into it and see if I can fix it for future imports from the same source.

This happened to me as well a couple days ago. I was importing from the default Wikipedia page (French Wikipedia). The behavior was the same from a desktop browser or from the app. It truncated the first few sentences. However, the default Wikipedia page changes daily so I couldn’t figure out how to report this reproducibly. Other days the default page has imported fine.

So, I think this is a real bug.


https://www.hs.fi/hyvinvointi/art-2000009038381.html this article it imported only the cookies notification

True crime kiehtoo, mutta miksi? Reijo Mäki, Niina Repo ja Mikko Kalajoki pohtivat murhien viehätystä – katso keskustelu Turun kirjamessuilta this one was missing paragraphs and actually isn’t behind a paywall

https://www.hs.fi/hyvinvointi/art-2000009043385.html this article I got only the first few paragraphs and the comment. It is also frustrating because on app I can’t see how to delete and replace to try importing again because it doesn’t seem to update when I try importing again. *Update: I deleted via browser and reimported and am getting cookies boxes even though I can see the full article in my browser

Unfortunately nothing we can do for HS.FI, it’s a paid source and we can’t support import from those. I am looking into improving importing from YLE.FI.

As zoran said they can’t do nothing about HS.FI, you can still import the news article from them, but sadly you will have to do it manually by copying its text and title and creating a lesson. If the website does not have a lot of ads, it can be as simple as just copy and paste without having to stop scrolling.