Missing lessons on PC, but appearing on the iPad and iPhone app


I have been adding quite a few lessons through the import bookmarklet, but they are not appearing in my ‘Quick imports’ course when I use my laptop, but on my iPad or iPhone apps they are there. Is there a maximum limit displayed on the PC (might be a stupid question but I don’t know why I can’t see them…) ? I have 400+

Any ideas where they have gone?


I have no idea, but Alex gave me a cool tip recently that might help you. If you rename your Quick Imports course to something else, such as ‘Quick Imports 2’, then the next time you import something with the bookmarklet, a new, empty Quick Imports course will be created and the lessons will be much easier to find.

Thanks for that tip. A great idea. My new lessons are now appearing on my PC in the new course, it looks like the other one maxed out at 399.