Missing lesson

Ok, guys, I’ve got a strange problem right now. Allow me to explain.

I created the collection LOTR1 a while ago, for testing purposes, knowing I would come back to it later. I archived the 2 lessons (1 chapter which was too big to fit in 10,000 words). Now, I’ve decided to start adding chapters again and I can’t find the second part. (With the title: BVDR01 - Hoofdstuk 1B) I’ve checked all 17 pages of my archives and it’s not there. I was able to bring back ‘BVDR01 - Hoofdstuk 1A’ with no problem.

Could you give me a hand and tell me what’s going on? I could delete it from the import page and create it again, but I thought I’d ask first what’s going on.


P.S. Language = Dutch

Is the lesson still in your Import list? I wonder if you accidentally deleted the lesson from your My Lessons page rather than archiving it…

Yes. It’s still there. I’m able to open it through the import page. Though, that’s not much use.

So it seems you did then delete this lesson from your My Lessons page. In this case, there’s no way to “take” the lesson again, since it’s not available in the Library.

Your best off recreating the lesson, as this’ll be the quickest solution :slight_smile:

No. I didn’t definitely delete it. I’m looking at the text right now through the import section. A lesson which is deleted would not still show up in the collection list or be counted. This is a LingQ bug but it seems to be a pretty rare one - it’s the first time I’ve seen it.

But anyway, I’ll try recreating.

An image of the lesson:

When I say “delete” I mean you clicked “Delete” on the My Lessons page. This doesn’t delete the actual lesson, just your individual copy of it.

No, I definitely didn’t do that. I understand what ‘delete’ means. :slight_smile:

Wait…this is privately imported material. If I delete it…it should be deleted for good… (as a hypothetical thing - I didn’t delete this file haha)

I just wanted to make sure the difference was clear between what the Delete function on the My Lessons page and the Delete function on the Import page actually do – one removes it from your My Lessons page, the other removes it from the site.

In any case, copy and paste the text into a new lesson and you should be good to go.

I copied the text from the import page, deleted the lesson, pasted it into a new one with the same name, and…success! :slight_smile:

Never seen something that strange on this site. hahaha Thanks for the help Alex.

Glad to help!