Missing functions

I wonder why we are not able to do these two things:

  1. See another user’s streak on their profile page. As far as I know, the only way to see streaks is on the Streak leader board.

This may have ever been possible; I just thought to look for it today since my student was appearing properly on the leader board.

  1. The ability to play a whole course automatically on an Android phone. I believe this function used to be there but no longer is.
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  1. I am talking about the leader boards for the people I follow (which are my students) so It isn’t a matter of joining a challenge. I can see my other students in the Streak leader board, but this particular student who has a 19 day streak doesn’t show up there. (He does show up on the known words and lingqs made leader boards).

The leader board glitch was my main concern. But then I went to the students’ profile pages and realized that their streaks couldn’t be seen there either, which based on what you are saying, may be “planned” ,although I fail to see why we shouldn’t be able to see other people’s streaks (even if they aren’t in a challenge) since we can see their other statistics. And particularly since the show up in the leader board (except for my one student whose account is apparently suffering a glitch).

  1. This is an area in which the laptop version and the Android version work differently. On a laptop any course, whether it is part of a playlist or not, has a button to automatically play the audio directly on the Course page. (When it does this, it goes to a screen that calls the course a playlist, but in fact these course are NOT in their own playlists).

The Android version used to offer this option as well (although I can’t remember if it was in the 2022 version of LingQ or the old one). It is no longer available.