Missing emails

I wrote an email to the LingQ support complaining that I haven’t gotten any emails from LingQ since 10 or 12 hours. I’ve used the last notification for a rose that I got. There should have been some more. Would you please check if everything on your side is okay?

By the way, the email to the support was returned. It says:
Auszug aus dem Session-Protokoll:
… während des Auslieferungsversuches auf mo4-p06-ob.smtp.rzone.de:

<<< 550 5.7.1 Recipients have complained about included content (B-URL)

I can’t help you there but I did have a problem that’s probably related. When I tried to access the Spanish LingQs with the Multiple Choice option I got a server error:

LingQs of the Day for the given date aren’t available.

But it should have been available since I clicked on the link in the notification.
I did not review them at any time before I encountered the error.
However, I could start them directly from the vocabs page and multiple choice then worked without a problem.

Hi Vera,
I’ve just checked your email, and you were unsubscribed from all LingQ emails. I am not sure if you clicked accidentaly on unsubscribe in one of emails you received, but I’ve just subscribed you again and you should be receiving emails regularly from now on.

@Deahna would you try to clear cache from your browser and check if it might help with this? If not, please try to use another browser and check if you still have this issue.

I haven’t unsubscribed and the emails did stop during the night when I slept. So it must be something on your side. I know that in the past a lot of people complained about the same issue. You should think about what could cause this problem.

Hi again Vera,
Ok, we have just checked this more carefully, and conclusion is that problem doesn’t seem to be on our end.
Program we are using for sending emails to our subscribers is trying to send you emails, but it won’t go through.
After program tries few times, it automaticaly unsubscribe you since it’s not possible to send email to your email address.
Please check if problem maybe is with your email provider, since it does look that everything is fine on our end… Program tried to send you 9 emails during last 12 hours, all unsuccessful.

Hi Zoran, I’ve sent you an email from another email account. My email provider asks for the notification that you got with the bounce email. Would you please send it to the email address from my other email account that I can forward it to my email provider. Thank you, Vera

No email, no notification for Spanish, so no way to find out whether it works now.
Swedish had its usual mail and no problems but then there weren’t any problems there yesterday either.
Could it be that it’s because Spanish is the second language and I’m not going through it with the same intensity as Swedish? Actually, it’s very low key.

@Deahna I’ve just checked our system, and Spanish LingQs of the Day were sent regularly every day, all notifications were sent and delivered to you, so problem doesn’t seem to be on our end. Would you please check your Spam folder, maybe spanish emails ends up there?

I did check the spam folder again just now and there’s nothing from LingQ in there. I simply don’t seem to get Spanish LingQs now.
What I did get today was 1 email “Preguntas Frecuentes sobre la Academia LingQ” and 11 emails starting with “Academia LingQ - Día” over a period of 10 minutes. They were 1, 10, 12, 14, 2, 21, 28, 6, 3, 4 and finally 8 in that order and IN SPANISH! Neither helpful nor useful when I only know one word of Spanish. When I started with Swedish I got them mostly one at a time, in a sensible order and in German which is my first language and which I also chose as the site language. No, I did not change either setting or any other to Spanish.

Thanks for providing this informations to us. About wrong order for Spanish Academy Emails, we know what caused this and we are working to fix it as soon as possible.
About Spanish daily Emails, it seems that everything is fine on our end. Last “Spanish LingQs of the Day” were sent and delivered to you on February 16. Did you received this? It would be good if you can check your trash can or your email filters to see if the emails might be being filtered for some reason.

Yes, I did get this one and then another one today. I didn’t realize that there simply weren’t any in the past few days. Sorry about that.
But to get back to the original problem. I cleared the cache following your first request and again now that I actually did get an email. The error message was the same as before:
“Invalid input parameters:
LingQs of the Day for the given date aren’t available.”
This happened using Chrome which I think is your recommended browser.
Since I use Firefox for everything else I tried it there as well. Same error. The cache gets cleared automatically every time Firefox quits.
I can go to the vocabulary page and chose the LingQs “Feb 19 (SRS)” so they are there in fact. So I’m off to review them now but it’s still a bit annoying to being able to get there directly.

I am glad that you’re receiving your LingQs Of The Day email regularly now.
But when you open email, and when you get that “Invalid input Parameters” message, can you please send over the URL that it is opening when you clicks on the email?

Don’t know if it helps; this is from today.

I think I will give up on Spanish as a second language. At least as far as following the emails goes.

Yesterday’s email for Spanish lets me end up here today:
And the link in the email is: http://mailer.lingq.com/redirects/1425285380-a875234a6f7a721250f2df0ec5b93653-7b5ed67?pa=28650236553

Sorry about that Deahna! This appears to have been an issue with our email provider, though it seems to be fixed now. Please let us know if you’re still having trouble with this!