Missing e-mail notifications for roses

I’ve noticed that I get no longer e-mail notification for roses (forum posts and lessons). The last one is from February, 15th. Have you changed this on purpose?

@VeraI - The emails should still be sending - perhaps they’re going to your spam folder? If you can’t find them there let us know!

Hi Alex, no, I definitely haven’t got them.

the same for me!


@VeraI, jolanda - Thanks! It seems to only be happening with certain accounts. We’ll look into this and get it fixed soon!

@Alex - I understand you are aware there is a problem and it’s the same for me also. Thank you.

@SueWt - Sorry to hear that! In the meantime, you can always come to the site to view the notifications :slight_smile: We’ve got this issue on our list now!

Alex: You cannot find them in the notifications either. I see the roses for forum posts on my profile only. The roses for lessons are visible on the exchange page only, but they are hard to find because I cannot select for lesson roses only.

@VeraI - Good point, thanks for the correction. I guess these ought to show in the notifications list as well!

@all - I took a closer look into this, and the test account I used which seemed to have the same issue is actually working properly. I forgot that I had set up a filter through Gmail that automatically moved these emails to another folder.

We also took a closer look in the back end and at first glance things seem to be working properly. Would you check your spam folder, other folders in your email account, and your filters to make sure it isn’t something there that would prevent these emails from coming to your inbox?

I’ve already checked this and they are definitely not in the spam folder or led forward.


Same as for Vera.

@Alex - The same as Vera also.