Missing Dictionaries for User's Native Language

I would like to try learning some other languages. However, there are no Dictionaries available in combination with my native language (Serbian). For example, Google Translate and Glosbe (which I believe is excellent for all Slavic languages).

I can copy and paste unknown words or phrases and translate them using one of the online translators… but that’s not it.
In my opinion, aside from LingQ’s most significant strength, which is progress tracking, statistics, and user-recorded learned words, SRS, etc, LingQ without Dictionaries is not at its full potential.

Is it possible to have Google Translate and Glosbe as default options for all languages on LingQ in combination with the Serbian language, or is it not feasible due to resource constraints and must be explicitly requested from the administrators?

Thank you in advance.

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We do have actually dictionaries added for Serbian, including Glosbe, Google Translate of course and some more. What languages are you studying?

Hi @zoran,
I am currently interested in reading texts in Russian, Portuguese, Turkish, and Hungarian, and I would like to have access to Glosbe and Google Translate dictionaries for these languages.

For Russian, Portuguese, and Turkish, I currently don’t have access to any Serbian dictionaries. Additionally, for Hungarian, I only have Google Translate, and I would appreciate having Glosbe as an additional resource.

Thank you in advance for considering my request.

Hi @zoran,
I assume you’re quite busy, and I don’t want to be a bother. If I understood correctly, as you mentioned, “We do have actually dictionaries added for Serbian, including Glosbe, Google Translate.”
However, when I review the source code at lingq.com route /en/learn/ru/web/reader/xxxx for the variable LINGQ_SETTINGS, for instance, in the ‘availableDicts’ section, I didn’t notice the Serbian language in the dictionaries for Russian, Portuguese, and Turkish.

In my case, here’s the part of the code where the Serbian language option is missing:

‘availableDicts’: {
‘el’: [{
‘var1’: ‘ru’,
‘name’: ‘Google Translate’,
‘language’: ‘el’,
‘var2’: ‘el’,
‘url’: ‘https://translate.google.com/#%(var1)s/%(var2)s/%(term)s’,
‘id’: 3724
}, {
‘var1’: ‘russian’,
‘name’: ‘Babla Verb Conjugator (Popup)’,
‘language’: ‘el’,
‘var2’: ‘’,
‘url’: ‘http://en.bab.la/conjugation/%(var1)s/%(term)s’,
‘id’: 5591
// rest of languages…

I trust your words that dictionaries exist, but maybe for technical reasons, I currently can’t see them. Is there any additional configuration or setting that needs to be done to display the Serbian language in the dictionaries for the languages I want to learn?

I want to emphasize once more that I’m interested in learning several languages, including Russian, Portuguese, Turkish, and Hungarian.
(Ok, ok I can manage without dictionaries, but much harder and slower … and this is not LingQ).

Thank you in advance!

Thanks for that, we are investigating the issue.

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Hello @zoran, can you please… please, add dictionaries that I asked you in previous posts?
At least, can you please add a Google Translate and Glosbe dictionaries Russian - Serbian?
I’m waiting for almost one month.

@mihajlot Sorry about the delay, my bad! I have just added Google Translate and Glosbe for all language combinations you asked (Russian, Turkish, Portuguese and Hungarian to Serbian).

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Wow !!!
Let the fun begin, thanks a million, @zoran !

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