Missing Courses on LingQ Plugin Importer

Hi there, I frequently import Youtube videos using the LingQ importer plugin, but for some reason, some of my courses have disappeared from the “Import to” dropdown list. Specifically I had one for “Орел и Решка” but it is not there anymore. Where has is gone?

I can still see it in my LingQ Lessons but it isn’t listed in the “Import To” part of the plugin.

Sorry to hear that. Can you see all your courses listed here:

Do you have a level assigned for each course?

The course is definitely there. I just can’t see it in my import drop down. It’s been there before and suddenly it has disappeared.

Please email me on support(at)lingq.com. I’ll look further into it.

Hi Zoran. Some of my courses on the Chrome plugin has disappeared again despite them being shown in the Login - LingQ link. Please help me look into it and fix it.

Thanks, I’ll let our developers know. I’ve got another complain from other user via email. We will look into it.

Hi Zoran. Has this been fixed and have you had any feedback from your developers? I’m still missing courses and it’s hard to use Lingq when I can’t import properly. Thanks.

That should be fixed. Do you have a problem with not seeing the course on the Chrome extension when you are importing through it? Or you don’t see that course at all on the My Lessons tab? Do you have a level assigned to that course?