Missing ">>" button

There used to be a “>>” button on the top right of the lesson when in one-column view. The button changed to “<<” when in two-column view. I used this feature frequently to switch back and forth between the two views.

After the button disappeared it took me quite awhile to figure out how to switch from the one-column view to the two-column view. I found that I had to go to “Settings” and go from “Auto mode” to “Hover mode” if I wanted the right hand column to show up.

Now when I am in “Hover mode” the new audio button is only half visible.

Oops. Sometimes this switch does not work!

After I was in “Hover mode” for awhile (and went into full screen mode, then back), the right hand column disappeared. At this moment I must be in “Auto mode” for the second column to be open and then I must go to “Hover mode” if I want to close it. Who knows what setting I will have to use next? At any rate, the Audio button is still only half visible and that distracting ribbon across the top overlaps the right-hand column in a particularly awkward way. Personally, I don’t see the need for that banner announcing that I’ve cleared all my blue words, but if it is a feature that users want, perhaps it could be made less obtrusive.

While on this new interface issue, I am disappointed that the Lesson LingQs button is no longer visible in the left-hand column. At this moment going back and forth between the one- and two-column views is really problematic, and I can only find that “Review all (X number for the lesson) LingQs” button in the right-hand column.

All these behaviors are happening in Chrome (Version 44.0.2403.125) on Yosemite, but I first experienced the problem of going back and forth between one- and two-column views using Safari. (I just now checked, though, and the two-column view in Safari does not cause the Audio button to appear split.)

I understand that revising an interface can lead to unexpected problems, but this particular release seems to me to be premature.

Nevertheless, my experience with the support team has been excellent in the past, and I trust that these issues will be resolved, hopefully soon.

@mareblu Thanks for reporting these issues. We were trying to simplify our interface since we get a lot of complaints about it being too complicated and difficult to understand for new users. We do plan on adding a way to access your LingQs from Hover Mode without having to switch out of it. We should be able to do that this week. That is a strange issue with the player. Are you by any chance, zoomed in on your browser?

Mark - since the audio button issue came up in another thread, I talked about what happens with zooming there. In brief, in Chrome, the more one zooms, the more the button is sliced off until ultimately it disappears. This happens whether in full screen view or in “normal” mode.

Yes, we need to figure out how we deal with the player when zoomed in or when the window size is shrunk. We will be looking at those issues this week.