Missing audio for Café Brasil Podcasts?

It appears that the audio is missing for all the Café Brasil podcats (or at least all the ones I checked: episode 101, 202, 103, 104, …).

When I load the lessons, the duration shown for the audio is “0 seconds”. However, in the textual description the stated duration is around 25 minutes for most lessons. I am getting this behaviour via both the web browser as well as the iPhone (iLingQ).

Is it normal that all the audio is missing for these podcasts? It used to be available in the past…


I am sorry to hear that you aren’t able to play audio.
Thanks for letting us know about this. Audio for Cafe Brasil lessons is reproduced directly from online url’s, not by uploaded audio. It seems that servers are currently down for this url’s and that is the reason why audio can’t be reproduced at the moment.
We will check again later, and hopefully it will work soon. If not, we will try to find new source for Cafe Brasil audio and to replace it.

It has been like this for at least one week. Thanks.

Hmm, in that case I’ll unpublish Cafe Brasil lessons until URL’s are replaced. I’ll upload new audio during next few weeks.
Thanks again for letting us know about this.