Missing and deleted lessons

I have only just returned to lingq after joining up a couple of years ago, to find it much improved. In order to gain as much from it as possible I’ve hosted a few conversations and uploaded a few lessons although my main aim is to improve my French.

A couple of questions, the first, which I have emailed support about, is that one of my lessons has disappeared from the import folder but it is still in the library. And then strangely, when looking, a lesson I deleted, as it had been rated poor ( not sure why, whether content or audio) was also still present in the library.

So, second question, deleting lessons from our import folder doesn’t delete them from lingq?

Maybe there’s an extra help page about this somewhere or just someone with experience that can tell me.


I looked into the first issue and figured out what was going wrong. This issue will be corrected ASAP. The Library only updates a couple of times a day, so lessons may remain visible in the Library a few hours after they are moved to Private.

Deleting a lesson from your Import folder will have one of two effects: If it has only 1 use, it will be deleted from the site. However, deleting lessons with multiple uses causes problems with those who have already opened these lessons. In this case, they will be made as Private and transferred to LingQ_Support to ensure these don’t count towards the import limit for free users who upload content.