Missing 2 great features in the new system : (

I posted the same topic in “Support & Feedback Forum” more than a week ago but didn’t get any response yet. Hereunder I post again -

I am a returned customer and I need to say the new system looks so fantastic and it is really easy to look up and save the word/phrase. However, I found 2 wonderful features missing which was originally implemented in the older system -

  1. In Review session, each word/phrase used to have a link which I could go back to the original context/lesson to refresh my memory in case I barely remembered. Now I have to manually search where I saved/learned the word/phrase in the first place. I just listened to a LINGQ podcast encouraging users to review more often because most people hate doing it including myself. But I agree with what the speakers said, reviewing is vital to language learning. Therefore I just decided to review it every day and the missing feature really discourages me. Is it something you guy can implement in the near future?

  2. There is a limit in desktop version regarding how many words I can highlight when saving a phrase. In mobile version it is fine. It is not a big issue for me, but I just find it handy to save a whole/complex sentence from time to time.

Again, thank you for your continuous efforts to help language learner to become fluent while enjoying the journey.

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