Missed payment gone unnoticed?

Hello. I have a Lingq subscription on Google Pay. Since Visa and Mastercard do not support payments in Russia anymore, I missed my last payment. However, it seems that I’m still on the premium plan. Just wanted you, guys, to know that I’m gonna miss the next one, too (or more). Sorry. Or maybe it worked? Don’t know how to check the billing status.

Maybe someone like Zoran can answer this better, but if you go to Profile → Billing, you can see your past payments. I don’t know if that would let you know if the payments were successful, though.

Are you guys in Russia able to use something like PayPal maybe, or would that also have some issues?

Looks like your account has dropped to the FREE level now. I assume Google tried to bill you a few times before cancelling subscription.
I hope your problem will be solved as soon as possible so that you can get back to language learning.

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Thanks, guys. Some hours after I had posted this message, I received a message from Google saying that the subscription is cancelled. I can’t pay for the premium account anymore, but at least I know I’m not a free rider :slight_smile:

No, PayPal has shut down its services couple of weeks ago.