Missed conversation

to Mark,

On Monday, February 15th, I was booked with David for a conversation at 9h30 P.M. For a reason I do not know, David did not show up. I hope he is well because he has not yet answered an E-mail I sent to him. Anyway, could you reimburse me 500 points for this missed conversation.

Thanks in advance.

I’ll keep this thread alive to be sure that an administrator sees this. Good luck. :slight_smile: I’d want my points back, too. I’m sure it was just a mistake.

Thanks. I don’t worry. These things happen.

I recommend to write on David’s Wall. I’m not sure if he follow all threads on the forum.

@course7811 - I have credited those points to your account now. For some reason, David has missed a bunch of conversations recently. Sorry about that.