Mismatch between text and translation in one-line-at-a-time mode

I’‘ve noted ever since the new version of the app was implemented that there is a consistent one page mismatch between the text I’m viewing and the translation, when using one-line-at-a-time mode. I see an English translation that corresponds to the previous line of my Hungarian text (i.e. the one that was on the previous page).

This issue concerns both texts I just imported and texts I previously imported.

The same lines are properly displayed with their corresponding translations in the website version, so it is clearly a display problem with the new version of the app.

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Can you please provide an URL for one of these lessons? Thanks!

It’s already been corrected. For the first two days it affected all lessons I was looking at but now it doesn’t affect any of them. I guess someone noticed it and fixed it.

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Hi Zoran. This is still happening for me in all my languages. Here is one lesson I just did:

SAME request
Could you possibly give me a link to one of these lessons? Thanks!

I note that the message where the member is telling you that he has the same problem does provide you with a link.

Thanks. Some lessons do have this issue and needs to be re-split. I’ll let our content managers know, we’ll need to manually fix lessons that has problems.

I doubt this is the only explanation for this phenomenon.

I just had this issue reappear briefly (the text and its English translation were one page off in sentence mode for a particular lesson). Then I quit the lesson and went back in and it was displaying properly…. with no change at all to the lesson.

The last time I had the problem, it affected at least three lessons, but the next day when I looked all of them were displaying fine.

It might be worth looking into further as it does make the app look flakey and buggy.

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I have the same issue. I sent a bug report via the help section and they replied that it works fine on their end. Wish I knew what was causing it.

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Yes it seems to me that they’re stuck with thinking that something is wrong with the way that lesson is stored. This is demonstrated by the fact that they keep asking which lesson it concerns.

The fact is that this problem appears and disappears without changing anything about how the lesson is stored, so it is in fact something about the display function within a particular session….

Thanks, I’ll let our iOS developers know.

The reality is that this problem arrives and vanishes without affecting how the lesson is saved, implying that it is related to the display function during a certain session… AKD INVEST - Projects AKD INVEST - Projects