Ministory no 1 plagiarized on KOMODO


someone wants to sell a version of Lingq’s ministory no 1, in German for Spanish speakers, on KOMODO. The user name is Marcos Lopez Larsen and the file name is “Markus ist ein Koch - ICR.mp4”. The web site where the material was published a few hours ago is

His contribution beyond what’s on Lingq is that the audio in German is repeated several times, by two different speakers, at two different speeds. There’s no series of questions and answers after that.

He offers a mailing list at

He advertised this on the language exchange app HelloTalk half an hour ago. I’ve hit the button to tell HelloTalk’s staff what the problem is.

I’ve made screenshots on my phone, and could send them if someone from Lingq wants them.



@zoran might see this if we tag him. :slight_smile:


thanks! I think the Lingq user might well be @marcoslopez_larsen
Let him explain himself…

As far as I know, the mini stories are not copyrighted, so I’m not sure what could really be done.
Still, if true, that is very disappointing and bad taste.


At least under US and canadian law, if you write a story it is copyrighted upon creation, unless you explicitly release it into the open domain.


We’ll there’s not public licence on the ministories. And if you check out these audios, they are by two different native German speakers, whose names are not mentionned, of course. They might not even be informed that their voice recording is published, and that the person who published want to make money with their voices…

@zoran is this a real issue generalised for eventually all other ministories?

It’s the guy’s business model to sell not just one ministory, but all of them in the future…

.ar is Argentina.

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ha ha ha, that was funny. :rofl:

@celineka you can eventually ask him directly by emailing him. Hey, what’s up? We are talking about you here? :smile: