Mini story 52 spacing

A question for Korean speaking people:
this is from the mini story 52
is it just me or is the spacing between the words weird (i.e. shouldn’t they be written separately instead of together)?

그 *순간난내가 성인 자녀를 *둔할머니라는것이기뻤어.
딸의 기저귀를 갈았던 *시절은조금도 그립지 않아.
우리는 딸의 기저귀를 갈았던 *시절은조금도 그립지 않아.

I think you are right about all this!

Note that in later versions of the story (ie part B and the Q&A), some of these mistakes are corrected (with modifications of course). Note the word spacing of the following:

  • 그 순간 우리는 우리가 성인 자녀를 둔 노부부라는 것이 기뻤어.
  • 그들은 딸의 기저귀를 갈았던 시절을 조금도 그리워하지 않습니다.

I have noted, in a few years studying Korean on-and-off, that the language is somewhat lax about word spacing. There seems to be more flexibility in this regard (particuarly in informal writing) than there is in English. So I’m not sure if the weird spacing in this story (and some other mini stories) qualify as mistakes, or if it’s just a certain style of writing. In either case, it makes it hard for learning Korean, doesn’t it!