I am enjoying these mini stories in German!
I know it is a lot of work, but wouldn’t it be a great idea to add on it and make another course where the stories would be longer and without questions at the end. Still small stories but a little bigger, for intermediate level learning.
I think it would add to this great LingQ experience. I am a Croatian so I am available to translate and read for Croatian, and others LingQ members could do it in their own languages.
What do you think?


I would love intermediate level Mini-Stories!


I think Steve mentioned that idea sometime ago.

I think that would be great for languages like icelandic hungerian and so on. As finding books in these languages can be hard.

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How can this be organised? Maybe we, the LingQ users can write our own medium-length stories and somebody can select 60 best stories that we can work on with translations and recording them?

That’s a great idea the likelyhood of Lingq paying for them is low. Your idea is good but it requires lots dedication and organisational skills.

People have tried getting languages like Breton vietnamese and estonian through crowdsorcing without any luck so.

The fact it takes long for Mini stories to be uploaded might discourage some.

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I would do the translation and reading for my native language for free if I can get the same for my target languages and learn more, why not? I don’t think it should be payed. If it is done 1 story per week than it is not a problem, this could be manageable if the LingQ community wants it.

Im sure the lingq community wants it. Now it is a matter of how to get it. I suggest you create a thread tktled “how to get intermediate ministories” and write what you just wrote.

I one story per week might be just managable enough for people to take action.

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Thanks for the idea, I just created a new thread, comment and like if you want to participate in this, thanks! :slight_smile: