Mini Stories

These mini stories that steve always talks about. I’m learning Japanese. Does anyone know where to find these stories?

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here is a lingq (pun intended) to all the mini stories available. Unfortunately there are not any Japanese mini stories as of right now.

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Try here Login - LingQ and you should be able to access the first 5 stories. I believe they are working on adding more as they get translations and recordings completed.

You can also enter “LingQ Mini Stories” into the search bar on the Lessons page and you should see them in the #1 result.

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Thanks for that, its good that they have started translating the mini stories into Japanese.

If you hear more about the project can you send me a message. I wouldn’t mind chipping in $20 to go towards those translations.

Thanks for that, its all good they have Russian and Swedish both fun European languages to learn.

25 more Japanese Mini Stories will be added this week and we will have all 60 stories done and uploaded within next 3-4 weeks.