Mini stories - usefulness?


sorry, I’m sure this will have been discussed before, but I like to be able to have some back and forth on topics so I thought I’d start a fresh post

i just want to ask people’s opinions on the mini stories, how useful do you find them? How many times do you read through them / listen to them? Are they worth spending a lot of time on?

im doing Spanish, around A2 level, I’ve read through half of the 60 available, currently I understand 90% + of the words in each of the stories I’m reading. Should I keep pushing through these ? i would also say that my listening isn’t as advanced as my reading, I can’t listen to all those lessons and understand everything at full speed.

I just don’t know if it’s worth sticking with them or trying to work through something at a higher level



My suggestion would be if you’re getting bored with them then go on to something else and maybe come back to them later In a month or so.

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I can only speak for myself.

My experience when I did Spanish myself was that I only needed SRS to get a foothold. Once I had about 2,000 words I was like a kid in Spanish. I could speak broken spanish and understand very simple stuff. I had to memorize grammar to get further. Then I just watched a ton of mexican telenovelas over about a year and a half. For the last six months I had a language exchange partner at my local library that I practised with. I got to more or less fluency by the end of 18 months. This was before lingq or any kind of app existed.

I did more or less the same thing with French at the beginning (brute forced vocabulary words in anki) and watched a bunch of youtube. I made no attempt to learn grammar. I probably got a boost from my spanish because latin based language. But as I got deeper in I discovered the french grammar has some quirks and spanish didn’t carry me. Then I discovered lingQ at about month 4-5 of my 6 month quest.

LingQ rocketed my grammar up without me having to do anything. It is essentially painless grammar acquistion.

Between months 4 to months 6 I went from understanding essentially kindergarten French on youtube to being able to understand most of the top podcasters in French on youtube. I credit lingQ with leveling me up. I got to 45 out of 60 before I hit the end of my six months.

I’m still doing maybe one a week now on French of the stories along with watching one particular podcaster a couple times a week because I’ve switched to Russian but I plan to finish all of the stories then keep going on the next levels of lingQ for french over the next couple years.

So yeah it does work in my opinion.

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Let me explain this with a real example. I have been visiting a bakery here in Germany for the last three years. The employees have been speaking the same 5 sentences to me in German even though my replies to their questions have changed over the years. Seems to me I am trying to improve their German. :wink:
Just treat ministories as an appetizer and you have to move on with new content as soon as possible - it does not necessarily have to be a huge novel - some different content aimed at A2/B1 and then work your way up. Finally, dealing with content aimed at native speakers - some modern novels. It is not a good idea to get into old literature right away. The vocabulary used in such literature is kind of old.