Mini Stories in Croatian

Hi everyone!
You probably noticed already that Serbian and Croatian are now available as study languages at LingQ.
At first we planned to add them under one slot as Serbo-Croatian, but then decided to make them separate languages. However, we only had Serbian version of Mini Stories ready, so now we need someone to help us get Croatian version too. If you are interested to help, or if you know someone who can help us translate and record to Croatian, please let me know. :slight_smile: Thanks!


Does the offer of two months’ free subscription for each set of five stories translated plus a further month for the recordings still stand, even though Croatian is already up on the site without the mini-stories? If so, I can try asking around through the same channels that I tried for Georgian before it became apparent that someone had already done the Georgian ones.

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Yes, the offer still stands. :slight_smile: Let me know if you have someone.

Well, I don’t personally know anyone as yet, but when I put out a call on Reddit and on the Cave of Linguists Discord server looking for Georgian speakers, I got about three or four interested people in about a day, so if I figured if I do the same thing with Croatian, and ask them to email you directly, then hopefully there’ll be a similar response. (though I have suggested that they might like to route the audio through me so that I can apply some judicious noise reduction, compression and de-essing - I’m not sure if that is strictly necessary, or whether someone at LingQ HQ actually has the audio processing software for that sort of duty…)

Also, veering slightly off-topic, but does the same offer apply to translators for other languages which have been in beta for a while and which still don’t have the mini-stories? I know I will want to return to studying Finnish at some point, and there’s not a huge amount of beginner-to-low-intermediate material for that on LingQ, and no mini-stories as yet. Plus I have a friend who wants to learn Egyptian Arabic - as far as I can see, you have the mini-stories in Standard Arabic and in Levantine dialect, but not Egyptian.

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Sure thing, the offer stands for all the languages.

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I might have some Croatian friends who are interested. What’s the procedure? Should the translation of the mini stories be based on the English ones?

For Croatians it will be easier to work based on Serbian version which we already have, so they can contact me on zoran(at) and I will provide them text in Serbian.