Mini-stories for all languages

We have a new course in English called Mini-stories. Login - LingQ
At present there are 15 of them. Another 15 will be uploaded today or tomorrow. Eventually there will be 100. These are modelled on Piotr’s mini-stories from (with his agreement of course).
I found these an effective way to learn Polish. I have begun having these translated into Greek and am enjoying using them for Greek. We should have the 30 stories up in our Greek library in a few days.
I made a video about this today. I am hoping we can get people to help us translate and record these in as many languages as possible.
The quality of the recording I received from Greece, produced on an iPhone, was of excellent quality, which makes it easier for people to help with narrating these stories. No one needs to do them all. If many people pitch in, it will be possible to create the stories for a wide variety of languages. It may even give us the critical mass of content we need to add more supported languages at LingQ. (No promises).
My video Reading Stories Accelerates Language Learning - YouTube


OK, Steve, a useful language learning tool! Now I’d like to know if this meets the requirements of interesting content.

That is what I would suggest to enrich the Turkish library. I can translate them into Turkish if you wish. (After 01.04.2017, due to my exams)

The stories written for us are actually quite interesting. You will be surprised. Why not help us with the Dutch?

That would be awesome. Can you also record them? Maybe we can have people share the load in each language too.

Yes, I can record them too.

Can I translate and record then in portuguese?

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Good idea.

Sounds really good. Love to have this in German to help me. Anything similar in German?

For sure. I want to wait until we see how many helping hands we have and then organize it. Please wait, but thank you.

I hope to have it in all languages, one way or another.


Fantastic! I’ll be hanging out for the French one especially.

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I’ve already translated lots of them into German and you’ll find them in the courses “Einfache Geschichten” and “Deutsch lernen mit kurzen Texten”.


I’ve translated lots of them into German with the permission of piotr. I’ve started 4 years ago. You’ll find them in the courses “Einfache Geschichten” and “Deutsch lernen mit kurzen Texten”. Additionally I’ve added some varieties for example telling the same story in two different tenses or from two different prospects.


Vera can you post the link to the course here, that would be helpful. It is very interesting that you did this. I am sure this is very helpful for our German learners. Did you translate them from the Polish? The stories we have created in English are new, but I’m sure the basic principle is the same. The more of these stories the better.

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Excellent Thanks Vera

Yes, why not? What is the procedure?


If you need any help , i can translate and record them into Turkish, as well. We can find a way to do that collaboratively.


This is so cool! Thank you, Steve, for sending out the call for all languages.

Can I post this on Reddit for Danish? I know that is not a language offered on here, but it needs to be. For non-residents, classes offerred by their government to pass the Danish 3 exam are 1050DKK for one hour (!). They are not helpful with alternative resources.

I wonder if there are any Danish speakers that use LingQ.

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