Mini stories and learning two languages simultaneously

Are the mini stories the same in each language? I’m learning French and German and the stories are exactly the same thus far. Besides the overwhelming boredom, can this hinder learning since you already know what is going on and don’t really have to decipher words?

I have understood rather to the contrary, that listening & reading words when you know what they are communicating, is helpful for learning.


Yes they are the same in all languages. Sometimes different languages have slightly different translations to fit more with the culture and language. But in general they are the same stories.

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Yes, they are the same, but that is part of the point. The whole idea of LingQ is to have “comprehensible input”, and the input is much more comprehensible when you have an idea what the words are trying to say.

I like re-reading books I know well in a new language, too :slight_smile: