Mini stories and friends

I would like to point out several other TPRS-inspired collections that are at LingQ:

  1. In the Spanish library Alsuvi has posted Puntos de Vista. Each story appears in several versions in which the tense changes. Login - LingQ

  2. In the English library is Chalkbrd’s English 101, which feature the questions integrated with the text. Login - LingQ

  3. Finally, there is my favorite: Eugeny’s Russian Topics in Embedded Lessons. Embedded readings are another TPRS technique which builds a story (like Russian nesting dolls). There are several versions of the same story, each adding a little more detail and complexity. Login - LingQ


Thank you for pointing this out, and Vera has also created a number of lessons along the same lines in German. It is great to have links to those lessons here on our forum to make it easier for people to find them.

Together with Reinhard Krenn we are created embedded lessons in German - each topic for 4 different levels- “Alltagsthemen für verschiedene Niveaus” (72 lessons):

And together with the English native speaker Nerelle Poroch - “Everyday topics in embedded lessons” (32 lessons):

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