Microsoft edge extenstion error when using youtube

i was trying to import a lesson from youtube using edge extenstion but it took a long time to import (it was always importing but never done). can anyone solve this?

I’ll look into it. Do you have the latest extension version installed? Do you have problem with any video you try to import?

i got the latest version
i dont know what you mean in the second question,sorry

I mean, do you experience the same problem with any video you try to import from YouTube?


Can you give it another try? I just tried importing a few videos through Edge extension on my end and it worked perfectly fine.

I have the same problem. I’m using the addon version 2.1.0 from September 23rd with Firefox on Ubuntu. Any solutions?
I tried several Youtube videos and it doesn’t work for any of them. When I click import it just says “Importing” for a long time, but never actually does it.

You should be able to download the newer extension version from the extensions store. Please make sure to get the latest one and it should work properly.

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