Micro-LingQ reunion

When I was in Stockholm last week, I met Sofi, one of my lovely Swedish tutors here, for the first time. Rather than just sit down for a cup of coffee, we ended up going for a light lunch and lots of laughter. Jeff had already given me a list of good bookstores before I travelled and so, armed with this list and Sofi’s advice I managed to buy everything I wanted, and more.

It turned out that Sofi knows a stand-up comedian who knows one of my son’s best friends from university who had just toured northern Europe with his show. I missed his performance in Stockholm by a week. We live in such a small world.

Despite my ripe old age, I like to meet people. So, if anyone ever wants to have a LingQ mini-event in London or, perhaps, Brighton give us a shout! (I’ll be in Hamburg/Lübeck in May: is anyone out there?)

How many miles to Brighton?

Why don’t we have one in every major city in the world?

We should figure out a way to organize meet ups around the world.

I might be able to make Brighton in the summer half term. Is that where you are SanneT?

@ skyblueteapot: Fairly near, yes. (It’s within the ‘dangerous for young ladies’ range Tora3 wrote about last year or so.) It would be great to finally meet.

@ Tora3: it depends on your starting point.

@ Edwin and Steve: I like that idea.

I’ll have a word with my social secretary. I would love to have a LingQ meetup! I’m still bummed out that I missed the London meet-up the year before last.

My husband insists that I wouldn’t like Brighton. It must be a den of iniquity for him to try so hard to keep me away from it :wink: I am intrigued.

We can certainly make use of the LingQ Facebook group to organize meetups but this doesn’t really help the people not on FB. Perhaps we should look at building a page for members to organize LingQ meetups… How much interest is there in something like this?

We are the LingQers, the mighty mighty LingQers
A group of language learners, who come from many places
Few of us are thinkers, and some are even stinkers
But when it comes to language, we all go through our paces.

We are the LingQers, the mighty mighty LingQers
It is time we had a chance to see each other’s faces.
Some of us are drinkers , and others polite glass clinkers
But when we get together, nothing but warm embraces.

So let’s meet up!

Well, despite the poetry above, I certainly should love to meet up. I am also not a bad guide for half a day or so when people come to London.

We have the forum here, Twitter, Twibe and Facebook, (although I do not use FB, nor whatever else there is out there).

A meeting-up page would be great.


this sounds very good!I
I hope we see us soon! :wink: