Met some Czech people!

Not significant right? Well, it was in a small Michigan town and it’s incredibly rare to meet any mainland Europeans there. There was a lady around 40 years-old who spoke and understood English at a very very low level and two younger adults with her who were only slightly better. I met them randomly and thought they were speaking Russian at first, I greeted them in Russian and the younger guy annoyingly said that they were not Russian, they said they did not speak other languages. I asked them slowly if they needed help finding something, the younger guy and girl were condescendingly turning away and speaking in annoyed tones to each other in Czech, so I left them alone.

I think they were making a trip to visit one of the Great Lakes for the first time and were possibly disappointed in the culture of very unhealthy and sloppily dressed people that exist more rarely in Europe, and the cities are not so lively or aesthetic in the Midwest, USA . The older lady was kind and asked where I was from, I told her about visiting Germany sometimes, I said have fun, goodbye and she thanked me.

I felt the experience was unusual, to meet Czech natives who are as unfriendly as any Berliner and monolingual visiting such an obscure place.

I hope you’ll learn some Czech soon, so you won’t mistake it for Russian again :slight_smile: it’s not much different linguistically, but it feels different. Otherwise, you can meet very friendly Czechs and Americans for that matter here on LingQ. Good luck!