Met a French guy in Starbucks.... [new video of me speaking in french]

Today I met a French guy in Starbucks and I thought I would make a quick video in French. [impromptu]

Nevertheless, I also found that I talk much better when it’s in a conversation rather than talking random stuff off the top of my head and less nervous!

I guess LingQ actually got me surprisingly semi-decent. But I let you be the judge :slight_smile:

I think my intonations are better in a conversation than in a self-talk presentation, and I think I sound much more natural here… ???

maintenant, je veux vous poser des question en français:

  • est-ce que vous n’avez pas compris ce que je voulais dire?
  • vous pensez que je viens d’où si vous ne pouvez pas voir mon visage?
  • mon accent était super fort cette fois?

Well, yes your having interacted with someone makes your speech appear more natural. I thought you were just as natural in your first video. What’s impressive in this second video is your listening skills! You did not hesitate to respond to questions; you were totally in sync. As far as constructive criticism goes, I’m in no position to deconstruct your language skills in terms of intonation, etc. A native and/or fluent French speaker can do that for you.

Milan, I listened 5 times and did not hear anything off or out of sorts! (I understood everything you said the first time, but I was looking for something to offer as constructive criticism.) Anyhoo, I listened with a fine-toothed comb! I don’t “hear” where you need “improvement!” You need Marianne, MissTake, Cecile, Steve, etc., for that. Your overall performance was excellent.

It was impressive.

Your accent and pronunciation are excellent. How good your French really is in terms of vocabulary and comprehension is impossible to judge from this short sample. I think it is always a good idea to challenge ourselves and talk about a wide variety of topics, then we can better judge where we need to improve, but you seem to have made good progress so far.

My first impression is, I think, is very natural… a very native-like conversation.
To be honest, I always have a certain difficulty to answer to some kinds of question such as “why do you learn French (or Chinese)?” One of answers might be simply “because I love French culture, I would like go to France, etc " just after saying " it is a very difficult question.” This French man didn’t ask him more questions, ( À mon avis, c’est un peu dommage que ce français n’a pas posé plus de questions. J’espère que vous pourrez discuter avec d’autres plurs longtemps pour la prochaine fois.)

Oh, j’ai oublié de dire, bien sûr, je crois que français est une des plus belles langues du monde, c’est certain, mais j’héisite de le dire car je cherche la raison de beauté de cette langue avant de répondre cette question.

*Non, j’ai tout compris.
*Je ne sais vraiment pas. Ton accent me fait un peu penser à celui du boxeur Lucian Bute qui vient de Roumanie, mais peut-être que c’est juste mon imagination.
*Ne t’en fais pas trop avec l’accent. Les Français ne me comprennent même pas o_O