Membership payment

Could I pay for my membership using my exchange points?

Hi Anna,
Sure, you can use your points to upgrade to Premium. 8000 exchange points for 6 Month, or 16000 exchange points for 12 Month membership. Once when you have enough points available from shared lessons, you can use them to purchase Premium membership without 25% commission, and price will be 6000 points for 6 Month, and 12000 for 12 Month membership.
Let me know if you are interested in 6 or 12 month membership and I’ll take care of it.

As far as I know this is true for referral points, and points from povided lessons.
Points from the exchange are less valuable and the’ll be reduced by 25% if you cash them out, or use them up for membership payments. So you need 8,000 points for 6 Months, or 16,000 points for 12 months.

Zoran, please, could you confirm this?

Hi Vera,
You are absolutely right. Yes, we do still take 25% commission on Exchange points. I’ve edited my message above.

thanks for your replies