Members talking to members podcast

Members talking to members podcast.

I pressed the wrong key!!!

To continue…I want to find out the best software to record Skype conversations. Then I am hoping that we can encourage our members to talk to each other in their native language, record the conversation and submit this to LingQ. We will choose the good ones, transcribe them and put them up.

Good usually means the following
good sound quality
natural free flowing discussion
interesting subject matter

Let me know what you think.

I want to feature these on my LingQ Podcasts,. otherwise it is just too much work for me to do them all. It will also ensure that we get more native speakers going. I will still be in there for some of them, but not for all of them.

Hello Steve.
I enjoyed the discussion with you and Yukiko this morning very much. It was very informative!

After the discussion I was thinking what it would be like if I record a conversation with my friends or family and I had one question.
I was born and raised in Osaka and my Japanese is Osaka dialect.
I wonder if I speak with Osaka accent, do you think that non-native Japanese speakers find it difficult to understand?
Of course I can hide my Osaka accent but it might make our conversation a bit unnatural and less lively.
What do you think? Would you prefer the standard Tokyo accent?
How difficult will Japanese-learners feel when we speak Japanese with local accents?

Hi AngieAkiko.

As a learner of Japanese who sometimes experiences some difficulties in understanding the Osaka dialect, I would actually find it very useful and interesting to listen to this lively (and friendly) style of Japanese.

I’m not sure what Steve would say to this, but I would appreciate you speaking in your most natural way. It can always be transcribed. Of course, in general, the Japanese in Tokyo is the easiest for foreigners to understand but the Osaka dialect represents a major culture and people of Japan. Personally, I’d love it if you recorded something like this!



Akiko, Rohan,

I agree that I would love to have different accents of Japanese including the delightful Kansai accent. I hope to provide a variety of accents on all the language podcasts that we do, and in our store.

Meanwhile I want to figure out how to get the best quality recording on my wife’s PC, since my Mac crashed.

If anyone has questions or advice on how to achieve the best quality sound either through Skype or in face to face interviews, let’s hear it here.

Thanks for your comments, Rohan and Steve!

I’m glad to hear that you would like Japanese conversations also with local accents. I will try to record something short and easy sometime this week. I happen to have a digital recorder, so I’ll use it for a face-to-face conversation. I do not know how good the quality will be but I’ll give it a try.

By the way, after uploading a content with shared status, should I let LingQ staff know by e-mail? Or is it OK just uploading it?

Please send the audio file in MP3 format to support (at) lingq (dot) com and as long as the sound quality is good enough, we’ll get it transcribed and put it up.

Thank you!


I have just sent two audio files by e-mail. :smiley:


Thanks Akiko!